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Help Foreign Entrepreneurs
Doing Business in Taiwan

For foreign entrepreneurs looking at doing business in Taiwan, finding a qualified chartered accountant can be one of the more difficult jobs. Unfortunately, large multinational accounting firms do not effectively serve the needs of these businesses. You need an experienced professional Taiwan CPA.Good Earth CPA is an accounting firm that specializes in providing experienced, personable accounting and legal services at fees uniquely affordable to foreign entrepreneurs.Good Earth is a Taiwan CPA priding itself on offering a professional and friendly service, while adhering to strict business and personal ethics.



Record Highs of Idle Funds in Taiwan

According to a statistic from Financial Supervisory Commission Taiwan, the total amount of deposits among the domestic banks is up to 36.82 trillion NTD, and the total amount of loans is 26.79 trillion NTD. That is a total amount of 10 trillion idle funds possessed by the domestic banks....(more)

Principle of Coding the Identity Number (ID No.) for Expatriates

National Immigration Agency
The issued ID No. for expatriates consists of 2 letters and 8 numbers, 10 digits in total.
The first letter indicates regions. (Note 1)
The second letter indicates sexes. (Note 2) The first 7 numbers are a serial number, and the last number is a check digit....(more)

600 hotels throughout Taiwan are looking for sale? A shuffle in the hotel market...

Mainland China tourists are not coming and hotels are crying for sale? Beginning this year, at least 600 hotels throughout Taiwan are said to be selling off, seemingly an unstoppable tide of resale. The trend of investing in the hotel industry ...(more)

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