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For foreign entrepreneurs looking at doing business in Taiwan, finding a qualified chartered accountant can be one of the more difficult jobs. Unfortunately, large multinational accounting firms do not effectively serve the needs of these businesses. You need an experienced professional Taiwan CPA.Good Earth CPA is an accounting firm that specializes in providing experienced, personable accounting and legal services at fees uniquely affordable to foreign entrepreneurs.Good Earth is a Taiwan CPA priding itself on offering a professional and friendly service, while adhering to strict business and personal ethics.



(2021-09-17 14:52:42)
China's first batch of "Right of Residence" certificates appeared.

China's first batch of "Right of Residence" certificates appeared. This is a "minefield" that you have to consider in second-hand housing transactions.     Recently, the "Wuhan City Residency Registration Code of Practice (Trial)" came ...(more)

(2020-07-31 11:57:56)
World Bank – Doing Business in China

China’s Business Reform Success: Economies with the most notable improvement in Doing Business 2020 The annual World Bank publication - Doing Business covers areas of business regulations that are indicators which measure the ease of doing bus...(more)

(2020-07-30 17:11:16)
Hong Kong or Hainan? Hainan Free Trade Zone to Develop into a High-Level Free Trade Port

In 2018, the Chinese government decided to categorize the entire province of Hainan as a free trade zone (FTZ). Recently, on June 1, 2020, Beijing has rolled out a master plan, introducing a series of special policies to develop Hainan into a high-le...(more)

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