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Doing Business in Taiwan

For foreign entrepreneurs looking at doing business in Taiwan, finding a qualified chartered accountant can be one of the more difficult jobs. Unfortunately, large multinational accounting firms do not effectively serve the needs of these businesses. You need an experienced professional Taiwan CPA.Good Earth CPA is an accounting firm that specializes in providing experienced, personable accounting and legal services at fees uniquely affordable to foreign entrepreneurs.Good Earth is a Taiwan CPA priding itself on offering a professional and friendly service, while adhering to strict business and personal ethics.



(2023-10-04 18:04:22)
Internet banking services may also be unavailable due to typhoon

Attention to all companies and individuals in Taiwan: please be aware that some counties or cities may take a day off due to the typhoon. In areas where work has been halted, internet banking services may also be unavailable. If you intend to initiat...(more)

(2023-07-18 16:06:42)
A Non- Tax Resident Foreign Spouse may file Annual Individual Income Tax Return separately

 According to Article 73 of the Taiwan Income Tax Act, if a Taiwanese individual marries a foreign national and the foreign spouse resides in Taiwan for a total of 183 days or more during a tax year, they are regarded as residents of Taiwan for ...(more)

(2023-06-02 13:53:45)
When you have overdue Individual Income Tax filing in Taiwan

When you have overdue Individual Income Tax filing, it is important to file it ASAP. People who forget to file Income Tax return and pay taxe will not be punished as long as they 'voluntarily file Income Tax return and pay income tax' before being re...(more)

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