Risk Advisory Service Overview

The Risk Advisory Services Group is to help our clients identify, understand and manage business by addressing clients' most urgent strategic and operational challenges, as appropriate in today's environment.
Our foremost principle is to assist clients in managing risk and enhancing competitive advantages.


Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services focuses on providing value proposition to meet clients' specific needs pertaining to:
  • the effectiveness of Corporate Governance in achieving business objectives and fulfilling shareholders' expectation;
  • the effectiveness of assessing and managing business risks;
  • the effectiveness of internal audit function in dealing with organization's key risk areas and providing assistance to management in monitoring on the implementation of related controls;

Services Description

1. Assistance on the establishment of Corporate Governance structure and framework
We can assist the Board of Directors to assess the effectiveness of their Corporate Governance structure and framework relating to strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, stewardship, Board Committees of various functions, and assist management with the implementation of improvement opportunities.
2. Assistance on the establishment of Business Risk
Management framework or provision of a full spectrum of Enterprise Risk Assessment.
Assisting Board of Directors and management to implement a systematic approach in identifying, assessing and monitoring company-wide business risks it faces, and assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of controls and timeliness of action plans in mitigating the business risks. 3. Assistance on the establishment and enhancement of internal control framework
Assessing the internal control framework and control self-assessment based on our risk-based approach, and assisting organization with the implementation of action plans and training on internal control framework.
4. Internal Audit Performance Enhancement
Assisting organizations to gain better value from its internal audit function with the assessment of how well internal audit is structured, manned and operated. This will ensure that internal audit keeps pace with Board of Directors' expectation and assist the Board of Directors and management in discharging their responsibilities for monitoring the system of internal control.
6. Internal Audit Services co-sourcing and outsourcing
Assisting organization's in-house Internal Auditors to implement risk-based internal audit strategy and/or specific risk areas of concern, and to undertake the work to assess the effectiveness of internal control.



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