Auditing Services

With the rapid and dramatic changes in today's business world come new and increasingly complex risks. Making sense of these risks and how they are reflected in an organization's financial performance is the role of our audit process.


Audit Methodology

GOOD EARTH can analyze the context of the business's market environment and industry to determine how their key risks affect financial results. It also provides a framework for examining financial and non-financial information flows that impact the financial statements, and it enables our client service team to work with business to identify opportunities for improving financial performance.


Our audit teams

GOOD EARTH audit teams are armed with applications designed to help ensure a quality audit. Besides financial statement audits, in our local practice we also provide a corporate income tax return certification and assist in accounting, tax, business and other regulatory matters.
In addition, our methodology provides a continuous audit process. Your auditor stays in touch with you year-round keeping current with your business and changing market conditions, and providing you with ongoing feedback on how your business decisions could affect your financial results.


Category of Services



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