Internet banking services may also be unavailable due to typhoon

2023-10-04 18:04:22

Attention to all companies and individuals in Taiwan: please be aware that some counties or cities may take a day off due to the typhoon. In areas where work has been halted, internet banking services may also be unavailable. If you intend to initiat...(more)

A Non- Tax Resident Foreign Spouse may file Annual Individual Income Tax Return separately

2023-07-18 16:06:42

 According to Article 73 of the Taiwan Income Tax Act, if a Taiwanese individual marries a foreign national and the foreign spouse resides in Taiwan for a total of 183 days or more during a tax year, they are regarded as residents of Taiwan for ...(more)

When you have overdue Individual Income Tax filing in Taiwan

2023-06-02 13:53:45

When you have overdue Individual Income Tax filing, it is important to file it ASAP. People who forget to file Income Tax return and pay taxe will not be punished as long as they 'voluntarily file Income Tax return and pay income tax' before being re...(more)

Income Tax of a MLM member - Decree No. 10404684260 of the Ministry of Finance

2023-05-23 15:53:59

According to Article 14 of the Income Tax Law, an individual participant of a Multi-Level Marketing enterprise (MLM) may earn the following three types of incomes, which are subject to Taiwan Income Tax 1. Business Income: If an individual is a memb...(more)

The Employment Gold Card holder must stay in Taiwan more than 183 days in order to enjoy income tax privileges

2023-03-02 14:55:03

Article 4, Regulations Governing Reduction and Exemption of Income Tax of Foreign Special Professionals For a foreign special professional who has met the requirements in the preceding Article, during the first five years starting from the year when...(more)

How does World Cup 2022 prize money compare to the 2023 Women's World Cup?

2022-12-15 16:11:12

How does World Cup 2022 prize money compare to the 2023 Women's World Cup? Joshua Thomas, The Sporting News FIFA have previously announced that $60 million in total prize money will be up for grabs at the 2023 Women's World Cup in Australia and New...(more)

2023 Chinese New Year Festival in Jan 2023

2022-11-11 14:47:22

Many people may expect the year of 2023 to be a genuine new year, a year of transition from post-Covid to normal life, no mask. People finally may start venturing out in search of feeling of freedom. For those foreign business people...(more)

IMF - Tax Coordination Can Lead to a Fairer, Greener Global Economy

2022-04-14 13:32:20

  By Vitor Gaspar, Shafik Hebous, Paolo Mauro - IMF   Technology, globalization, and global warming have changed the world, and taxation must keep pace. With a mouse click, individuals can move money across borders and cor...(more)

China’s Securities Supervisory Agency Mulls Move to Break Audit Deadlock With U.S.

2022-03-24 13:10:39

  Regarding one of the core issues in the cross-border supervision of Sino-US audits, whether the audit working papers can be inspected by overseas regulatory agencies, the relevant laws may be clearly explained, so that the audit papers of Chi...(more)

How War in Ukraine Is Reverberating Across World’s Regions

2022-03-16 09:09:33

    By Alfred Kammer, Jihad Azour, Abebe Aemro Selassie, IIan Goldfajn and Changyong Rhee International Monetary Fund Beyond the suffering and humanitarian crisis from Russia’s invasio...(more)

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