Business Registration

Step-by-Step Guide

This guide provides a structured approach to starting various types of businesses, such as a branch office, a representative office, a private limited liability company or a company limited by shares as a subsidiary, a general partnership, a limited partnership, or a sole proprietorship for registration in Taiwan.
Step 1: Decide on a Business Structure
Step 2: Get Chinese and English Company Name Approval
Step 3: Find Premises
Step 4: Obtain Registration, Incorporation and Permit
Step 5: Taxation
Step 6: A case study: Registering a Private Limited Liability Company



Step 1:

Decide on a Business Structure

The body administering the requirements of the Company Act is the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).


Step 2:

Chinese and English Company Name Approval

The first procedure in the incorporation or registration process is the approval and reservation of the Chinese and English company name.


Step 3:

Find Premises

A lease contract for a legal business address is one of the important documents when filing for incorporation.


Step 4:

Registration, Incorporation and Permit

Registration, Incorporation and Permit, in order to register a corporation in Taiwan, foreign individuals and entities are required to engage a professional agent.


Step 5:


In general, Taiwan Tax Laws and Tax Rates, either for Income Tax or VAT (GST), are reasonable and friendly, but of course Taiwan is still in many respects a developing country, which can often work to your advantage.



Case study: registering a private limited liability company

This example shows the most common form of foreign-owned business in Taiwan: the Private Limited Liability Company (LTD).

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