When you have overdue Individual Income Tax filing in Taiwan

2023-06-02 13:53:45

When you have overdue Individual Income Tax filing, it is important to file it ASAP. People who forget to file Income Tax return and pay taxe will not be punished as long as they 'voluntarily file Income Tax return and pay income tax' before being reported by others or investigated by the taxation agency. However, the overdue income tax will still be charged with interest on a daily basis."

 After the deadline, there are 3 steps to voluntarily declare income tax and pay it:

1.    Collect all the necessary documents and information related to your income, deductions, and any other relevant financial details and pay a visit the National Taxation Bureau of your place of domicile to manually fill out the income tax declaration form for manual income tax filing. Make sure to accurately report your income and claim any eligible deductions and credits.

2.    Pay any outstanding taxes in cash: Calculate the amount of tax you owe, including interest that may have accrued due to the overdue filing and pay in cash at the financial institution that collects income tax (the post office does not collect it).

3.    Submit (mail) the 'Income Tax Declaration Form' along with the 'Income Tax Payment Certificate Receipt' and 'Relevant Documents' to the National Taxation Bureau of your place of residence.

If you file voluntary income tax declaration in person: bring your original ID card. If you entrust someone else to fill out the Income Tax Declaration Form and submit the Income Tax Declaration Form on your behalf: Bring the original or photocopy of the Taxpayer's ID card (must be cut to match the original) + seal + a power of attorney, and the original ID card of the trustee. Those who are eligible for income tax refunds must provide personal bank account information."


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