Business Registration

Step-by-Step Guide

This guide provides a structured approach to starting various types of businesses, such as a branch office, a representative office, a private limited liability company or a company limited by shares as a subsidiary, a general partnership, a limited partnership, or a sole proprietorship for registration in Taiwan.
Step 1: Decide on a Business Structure
Step 2: Get Chinese and English Company Name Approval
Step 3: Find Premises
Step 4: Obtain Registration, Incorporation and Permit
Step 5: Taxation
Step 6: A case study: Registering a Private Limited Liability Company

Step 2: Chinese Company Name Approval

The first procedure of the incorporation or registration process is the approval and reservation of the Chinese company name.

You will need to provide an Identity Number such as the passport number of the responsible person of the company, and state the type of business you intend to do in Taiwan.

Approval of a name usually takes one to three days, and once approved that name is reserved for you for 6 months. This can, if needed, be extended for one additional month.

Before submitting a proposed name, research existing business names to avoid submitting one identical or too similar to a name already reserved by another company.

  • To avoid any trade mark infringement, search for trade marks at the Intellectual Property Office of Taiwan.
  • Avoid any derogatory, offensive, or obscene names
  • Avoid names identical with or too similar to names already reserved

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